Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Long Hill Rd. Training

I should have known when the coaches gave us our direction cards with a bulk of the run on a road called "Long Hill Rd." that Iwas in for some trouble! Okay, I'm being dramatic, the run wasn't so bad and I finished the 7 mile run in 1:06. Not bad at all! It's actually kind of fun picking up the mileage. Last year, I followed the more aggressive NYC Marathon training schedule and it kicked my ass from the start. I feel much more comfortable with this build up, comfortable enought that I'm eager to start some speed training. I'd really really like to finish this run up with a 10 min/mile pace = finishing time of about 4:20, but that's not a feat I'm counting on. With my 5:02 finish last year, that would be more than 40 minutes off my time! Also, i'm already concerned about my hip. The achyness is back and I don't want to aggravate any old injuries. Better to play it safe than have to take a few weeks off.

Anyway, Saturday's run. The weater was perfect running weather, chilly at the start, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. The area we ran was pretty boring...started in downtown, turned down a sidestreet and ran in some neighborhoods for the rest. Some pretty houses, but no trees for shade or anything. Oh, and the hills were a challenge on the way up. As it was an out and back, it was a nice downhill second half, though. I ran with the two girls from last week along with another girl in our pace and we chatted the entire time, so we couldn't have been that bad off. Although, I must admit the last half mile was pretty quiet. :)

I ran this morning with Christina and hope to get in another run on Thursday am with her. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of going for a 7 miler at the reservoir. I kind of miss running alone - how weird is that? It's just nice to have that time alone dedicated to just my thoughts and my iPod. Or the sound of my feet when my iPod's out of juice, which happens too frequently.

Not too much on the docket for the 4th tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a run in early, then we're going to a party at David's, then relaxing a bit before we go back to the grind. Oh, and a neighborhood parade! That should be entertaining at least.

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