Friday, June 22, 2007

Trail Running around the Reservoir

I've been on a couple runs since my last post. The first on WEdnesday night with my friend, Holly. It was our first run together, so there's always the question of whether we'd be compatible runners. Regardless of all that, I knew it would be nice for us to catch up and chat. We decided to run one 3.7 mile loop at Reservoir 6, off Rt. 44. The trail is completely unpaved, but still well-maintained. This is important for a clumsy goof like myself who rolls her ankles way too often.

We started off and I quickly realized Holly's pace was probably a minute + faster than my comfortable pace. I ran the first mile pushing through, but it was killing me. I asked to hang back a bit, to probably a 9 minute - 9:30 minute pace. This still felt fast as the trail was pretty hilly and not packed down in all places. The run was definitely kicking my ass. Holly, of course, was barely breathing hard!

Overall, a great run! I've grown pretty good pushing myself with distance, but not so much with speed, so this was just what I needed. We're going to make it a weekly date, too, so hopefully it will help in the long term. I've been sore since the run, but that still didn't stop me from running my usual 3+ with Christina on Thursday morning.

Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting in Glastonbury for our running group. I think we're scheduled for 6, but Jodi and I are striving for 8. We'll see how that all goes down!

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