Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Training Run

Saturday was my first run with my new training group. We started EARLY on Saturday morning - I woke up earlier than I do for work! I know I'll be thankful in a month or two when it's sweltering by 8am when I would normally get my butt in gear for a long run.

The running group seems like it's going to make training a lot more enjoyable - lots of young people to chat, some experienced coaches, and having to commit to a time and place for long runs. Also, my friend, Jodi, is running, so it will be like built in QT for us.

We did a 5 mile out and back, which flew by. We ran in the front of the second back, which isn't too bad for me, finishing up around 9 minutes / mile. Not too shabby.

This morning, I met up with another running buddy for a 3+ mile jog around Elizabeth Park. I'm already itching for my next run, quite uncommon for me.



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