Saturday, June 23, 2007

6 mile "long" run

Real creative title today. This morning, I met with my marathon running group for our second run - this one 6 miles. I ended up getting separated from Jodi at the beginning of the run. We were each in conversation with other people and planned on catching up with each other. I thought she was ahead of me, but she actually stopped to tie her shoe and I ran past. She was a bit behind when she was together and just ran with another group.

I did end up running with two other girls and we chat the whole way. We ran the 6 mile out and back at a 9/9:30 pace, which is really good for me for that distance. Plus, it was pretty hilly. As it was an out and back, we got to take advantage of those downhills, though! I was definitely hurting on the uphill and would have most certainly stopped to walk or at least slowed down had I been alone. Best part of running with other people = peer pressure! Although I said in my last post that we were aiming to add two miles on, it just wasn't happening! Not even discussed!

The coaches gave us our entire schedule today and it looks like we're following Hal Higdon's. Next week we have our 7 mile run. I'm gonna aim for 3 runs during the week and try to bring my mileage up a bit. Right now I'm at only about 15 miles - I'd like to up it to 20 over the next few weeks.


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