Sunday, July 15, 2007

Double Digits!

This week marks the first with a double digit run! I went white-water rafting this weekend, so I had to get the run in during the week. It's been sticky and humid all week, so I opted to run before work rather than after. I got up at 4 am (!) on Wednesday morning and found the air just as sticky and gross as it was the night before. Nooo! I can run in 30 degree weather much easier than 80 degree weather. But, I woke up that early and was set on getting that run out of the way.

I ate a piece of break and PB and set off on my run. I was planning on doing two big loops - my usual Elizabeth Park look and then a Center loop. It was pitch black out, so decided to run the EP park second. I was feeling good and warm for the first mile just getting into the run. By the time I got to Whitman I was drenched. I kept pushing thinking I just needed to get more warmed up and that I would get used to the heat. More than the heat, I just felt sticky and that the air was too heavy for my lungs. I kept pushing, but was taking water breaks frequently. By the time I reached Mountain, I was mentally breaking down, and my mind only thought of how much longer I would have to keep running - still over an hour at that point! That and just keeping my eyes peeled for sprinklers to run through.

Halfway down Farmington, I gave up. I was gonna keep running, but just home. I was more than halfway done with my water and just couldn't keep cool. I was dumping on my head and the sun wasn't even up yet.

After running through the Center, I found a cluster of sprinklers that I ran though. I started feeling a bit better and when I passed my turnoff to go home, I decided to keep pushing. I may not be fast or that great a runner, but I think I've got heart. It takes a lot for me to give up. Anyway, I kept pushing and the run got better.

When I was in EP, I was about to run out of water when I saw an entire gateway of sprinklers. I ran through them and spotted a water fountain. Perfect luck. And a great spirit boost. I kept trucking and finally finished the run up. My clothes were soaked through. Nice! But, I felt good by the end and probably could have kept running if I pushed myself (by I did my 10, so I was happy). I hope I don't have to get up that early for a run for a long while - I was practically delirious for the first few hours of work.

Some numbers from the run:
Miles run - 10
Sprinklers I ran through - at least 6 or 7
Bunnies spotted - 2
Rigamortous animals - 1
Times I mentally gave up - 85
Times I gave up - 0!!!



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